Bricklaying & Blockwork Sydney

Heggie Landscaping & Turf Supplies provides a bricklaying and blockwork service to homeowners, landlords and commercial operators in the Hills District, Blacktown and Ponds areas, as well as Bella Vista, Castle Hill, Windsor and the North Shore of Sydney.

Whether you want a retaining wall, garden edging or a perimeter wall built at the front of your property, it’s always best to hire a professional for the job. We perform all the groundwork for you, including preparing the soil, sourcing all the materials, and performing the brick or block laying, along with any council permits that may be required.

Bricklaying vs block work

Bricks or blocks? What’s the difference? Well, the differences between bricks and blocks are due to their size, strength and composition. Blocks are made from concrete, so they are usually larger than bricks and can be either solid (very heavy) or hollow (much lighter). These concrete blocks tend to be used where strength is important, such as in load bearing walls, making blocklaying the ideal option for retaining walls.

Bricks are often used because they can withstand a lot of heat, radiating that heat into the surroundings as the sun goes down. They are also better at noise reduction than concrete blocks and are more environmentally friendly. Often however, people just like the aesthetics of a brick wall, rather than a concrete blockwork wall, which needs to be rendered or painted to improve its appearance.

As far as time frames are concerned, it often takes longer to build a brick wall than to lay blocks, simply because bricklaying requires more skill, so you can pay more in labour costs. However, the appeal of a well-built brick wall can’t be ignored, so unless you want a rendered or painted finish, you might decide to opt for bricks, rather than blocks.

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