What turf varieties are available to me?
Austine Buffalo, Sapphire Buffalo, ST85 Buffalo, Soft Leaf Shade Master Buffalo, Winter Green Couch, Santa Ana Couch, Greenlees Park Couch and Kikuyu.
Which turf would best suit my property? How can I make my landscape look its best and still conserve water?

Our wide selection of buffalo turf and couch turf varieties suit a range of customers’ property requirements.

To achieve maximum results for your landscaping requirements, you should mainly consider how much sunlight and shadow enters your garden, and whether your lawn is seldom used or if it is a high traffic area. If you require assistance in selecting turf, please contact Heggie Maintenance Service Pty Ltd.

Do you recommend a do-it-yourself turf installation?

No. Heggie Maintenance Service Pty Ltd highly recommends that specialised methods and equipment are utilised to ensure that a professional job is undertaken. Making the wrong decision when your lawn is established will cost you time, energy, money and natural resources.

What methods and supplies does Heggie Maintenance Service Pty Ltd utilise to lay turf?
Heggie Maintenance Service Pty Ltd supplies, installs and maintains quality roll-on and shredded turf in many varieties to suit a variety of clients’ individual requirements. Our mission is to provide turf laying methods that are both environmentally friendly and cost-effective, utilising only organic farming methods, specially blended composted fertilisers and 100% natural organic pesticides to control pests.
Does landscaping improve my property’s value?
Properly established and maintained landscaping is a lifetime investment, adding to the value of your property. Heggie Maintenance Service Pty Ltd offers a safe, clean and enjoyable landscaping and turf laying service that is environmentally friendly. When established, our professional service will lay the foundation of a beautiful, usable and cost-effective investment.

Hills District – Ponds – Bella Vista – Castle Hill – Blacktown – North Shore of Sydney

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