High quality top soil in the Hills District, Blacktown and surrounding areas of Sydney

At Heggie Landscaping & Turf Supplies we highly recommend top soiling in the Hills District and Blacktown, as well as site preparation, to take place during landscape construction, landscape installation and landscape maintenance. Top soiling is the spreading of top soil (of a suitable quality) over an area to be established by vegetation and increases the success of both establishment and performance.

Professional top soiling in the Hills District and Blacktown by Heggie Landscaping & Turf Supplies

Top soil is the surface layer of the natural soil profile, general characterised as being darker than the subsoil due to the presence of organic matter. It is the major zone of root development, containing nutrients available to plants and supplying a large amount of water to plants.

Heggie Landscaping & Turf Supplies always applies top soil to sites that are to be disturbed by excavation, compaction or filling and to other areas where the subsoil is unsuitable for plant growth.

The application of top soil in the Hills District, Blacktown and surrounding areas of Sydney

At Heggie Landscaping & Turf Supplies, we apply high quality top soil in the following situations:

  • Where the use of top soil is determined to be the most effective method of providing a suitable growth medium.
  • Where high-quality turf is desired to withstand intensive use or meet aesthetic requirements.
  • Where the subsoil’s texture, pH, or nutrient balance of the available soil cannot be modified by reasonable means to provide an adequate growth medium (for example, sands, gravels and clays).
  • The subsoil material is too shallow to provide an adequate root zone and to supply necessary moisture and nutrients for plant growth.
  • The subsoil contains substances potentially toxic to plant growth.
  • On slopes that are 2 to 1 (2 horizontally to 1 vertically) or flatter.

To apply top soil or garden soil in the Hills District and across Sydney, we utilise the Red Roo RH 2000, which is the latest technology in rotary hoes and tillers.

Specifications of the Red Roo RH 2000, used for top soiling in the Hills District:

  • Engine Type: 8.5hp (6.4kw) OHV EH25D Robin Subaru Donaldson Cyclopac™ Air Filtration System.
  • Engine Drive: Single B Section Belt.
  • Length 1620mm, Width 570mm, Height 900mm, Weight 136mm, Cutting Width 580mm.
  • Wheels: 4 x 4.8 x 8 Directional.
  • Mechanical/Gear Box: 4 x shafts, 4 x chains and 8 x sprockes.
  • Features include sandblasted and powder coated finish, engine protection wrap around frame, lifting hook, safety clutch stops tines and wheels immediately.

Hills District – Ponds – Bella Vista – Castle Hill – Blacktown – North Shore of Sydney

For professional garden and lawn top soiling in the Hills District, Ponds, Bella Vista, Castle Hill, Blacktown and the North Shore of Sydney, contact Heggie Landscaping & Turf Supplies (Professional landscapers, landscape contractor and designers Sydney) on 0412 011 648, email us at heggiemaintenance@bigpond.com.au or complete our online enquiry form.