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Professional retaining walls in the Hills District, Pymble and Sydney Northern suburbs

Heggie Landscaping & Turf Supplies are highly experienced in building retaining walls in the Hills District and surrounding suburbs of Sydney. Retaining walls are primarily used to tame a slope, however, it is an effective method to maintain soil levels and combat erosion.

We work in closely with Wizcrete Concrete Solutions specialist concrete contractors for driveways, footpaths, pool surrounds, and patios. Wizcrete Concrete also specializes in decorative concrete and concrete resurfacing.

Retaining walls can also be used to create levels within the garden, giving a decorative look. On the other hand, one large wall may assist in creating a large level area, which can be used for more practical activities.

Retaining wall design, Hills District, Blacktown and Sydney suburbs

retaining walls

When you are planning on building a retaining wall in the Hills District or surrounding Sydney suburbs, the location and design of the retaining wall are both important. These are in relation to the side and rear boundaries of the block and need to be carefully considered to avoid affecting the amenity and safety of neighbouring properties.

In some cases, building up the ground close to a boundary will affect the privacy of neighbours. In other cases, excavating ground close to a boundary may undermine the common fence and even the neighbour’s property, unless an appropriately designed retaining wall is provided.

Heggie Landscaping & Turf Supplies specialises in the design, construction and installation of retaining walls in the Hills District and surrounding suburbs. We take pride in designing retaining walls that meet the needs of each individual client.

Project considerations include:

  • Structural requirements.
  • Soil conditions.
  • Appropriate choice of materials.
  • Cost effectiveness.
  • Environmental impact.


Retaining wall costs, Hills District, Pymble and Sydney suburbs

The choice of material is greatly affected by whether your garden retaining wall in the Hills District is structural or decorative, the cost of materials and associated labour and the general appearance desired. Drainage is essential no matter what material is used. So the cost of your retaining wall mainly depends on the construction materials and the construction time.

Heggie Landscaping & Turf Supplies offers the following materials for retaining wall construction:

  • Stone: One of the most traditional materials used for retaining walls, stone can add charm to a yard. Stone is suitable for decorative or structural walls and is very durable, lasting as long as the home itself.
  • Timber: Can be very strong and cheaper than other materials.
  • Brick: An alternative strong and last-lasting method. Foundations are paramount for a brick wall and it is by far the strongest option. This kind of wall can create a sleek contemporary look to match a modern looking house.
  • Concrete: This is a modern and strong material and concrete retaining walls in the Hills District and across Sydney becoming very popular.

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