Swimming Pool Maintenance & Pool Repair Service

Heggie Landscaping & Turf Supplies provides a pool maintenance, cleaning & swimming pool repair service in the Hills District, Blacktown and Ponds areas, as well as Bella Vista, Castle Hill, Windsor and the North Shore of Sydney.

We know that many homeowners find that pool cleaning and maintenance can be a hard task, particularly when working full-time and looking after a family. Landlords find that tenants don’t always put swimming pool maintenance at the top of their list, resulting in a pool that needs a lot of cleaning or even repairs at the end of their lease; commercial operators often prefer to outsource their pool service & repairs to a professional company who can keep their pools crystal clear and in good repair.

Pool cleaning and maintenance service

Whether you are a homeowner, landlord, tenant or a commercial operator, pool cleaning and maintenance is essential to the health of your pool. If a pool is left too long without being cleaned and balanced, the result is a green pool that isn’t attractive; it’s not safe for swimming and can be expensive to bring back to life. This is why we offer a swimming pool maintenance service that keeps your pool looking crystal clear all year round

Pool repair service

When your pool is leaking, the coping is cracked and broken or the filter and motor no longer work efficiently, it’s time to contact a swimming pool repair specialist. The longer your pool is left not working correctly, the more can go wrong, so a timely call to a pool repair expert will save you money in the long run and give you back your fabulous pool to enjoy.

At Heggie Landscaping & Turf Supplies, we can clean, maintain, service and repair your pool, leaving you free to go about your life. contact Heggie Landscaping & Turf Supplies (Professional landscapers, landscape contractor and designers Sydney) on 0412 011 648, 0401 382 645 or email us at heggiemaintenance@bigpond.com.au or complete our online enquiry form.