Professional turf installation, Hills District, Blacktown, Northshore and surrounding suburbs

At Heggie Landscaping & Turf Supplies we offer professional turf laying in the Hills District, Blacktown, Northshore and across Sydney. Making the wrong decision when your lawn is established will cost you time, energy, money and natural resources, which is why you need to have your turf laid by experts.

Laying turf, Hills District, Blacktown, Northshore and the surrounding suburbs

A properly established and maintained lawn is a lifetime investment, adding to the value of your property. Heggie Landscaping & Turf Supplies offer a safe, clean and enjoyable turf laying service that is environmentally friendly and very competitively priced.

When your lawn is fully established and looks beautiful, it is only then that you really appreciate the benefits of skilled turfing in the Hills District (and surrounding areas of Sydney). Professional turf laying provides the foundation for a beautiful, usable and cost-effective investment.

At Heggie Landscaping & Turf we supply, install and maintain quality roll-on and shredded turf in many varieties to suit a variety of our client’s individual requirements. As professional turf suppliers in the Hills District our mission is to provide turf laying methods that are both environmentally friendly and cost-effective, utilising only organic farming methods, specially blended composted fertilisers and 100% natural organic pesticides to control pests.

Heggie Landscaping & Turf prides itself in operating a safe working environment.

Heggie Maintenance Service Pty Ltd has the following turf varieties available for you to choose from:


Shademaster excels well in the home garden as it has exceptional growth and can withstand high traffic as well as pets. Shademaster is very versatile; it thrives in full sun as well as partial shade making it an excellent lawn. Shademaster turf is extremely salt tolerant which also makes it suitable for coastal areas.

Sir Walter

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Lawn was cultivated as a tough turf specifically for the harsh Australian environment. A low maintenance grass, Sir Walter lawns are soft underfoot and incredibly easy to maintain.


Durban has a niche position in the turf market due to its outstanding shade tolerance. Durban Turf is well suited for areas with little direct sun, like under trees or beside a house. An excellent home garden lawn and has selected uses in commercial applications.

Empire Zoysia

Empire Zoysia Turf has performed well in sandy and clay soil types with aggressive growth from its runners and rhizomes, but can be mowed with a standard rotary mower due to its broader leaf and open growth habit.  Empire Zoysia requires less maintenance and mowing than other grasses, and is a very efficient water user.

Empress Zoysia

Empress Zoysia is the ideal choice in applications where a fine, small leaf, soft textured turf is desired. It is well suited for use in home lawns, golf courses, parks, and possibly sports fields. Performing well under humid conditions, Empress Zoysia turf requires less maintenance and mowing than many other turfgrasses and will thrive in most areas of Australia.

Greenlees Park Couch

Greenlees Park Couch Tuf is a fine-leafed dwarf variety of lawn which grows well in dry, sunny to lightly shaded conditions. Greenlees Park Couch can be mowed with any mower, however best results are achieved when a cylinder mower is used.


Kikuyu turf is a good, hardy, low maintenance lawn and grows vigorously in the summer months. This variety of turf recovers well from wear and tear and is most suited for high traffic areas.

Santa Ana Couch

Santa Ana Couch turf is the finest of our couch varieties and makes a disease resistant lawn. Most suited to sunny conditions, it is best used in high traffic areas such as sporting grounds.

Sapphire Buffalo

Sapphire Buffalo turf has performance as good as any other buffalo variety, with the added benefit of fine texture. Sapphire Buffalo grows quickly across the ground, providing quick recovery from wear. It has excellent winter colour and has a deep root system.

ST-26 Buffalo

ST-26 turf is an extremely attractive soft leaf buffalo lawn; it has many outstanding features which distinguish it from other buffalo varieties. With a semi vigorous nature, soft texture, deep emerald green leaf & strong tolerance to wear and shade, makes it the most versatile turf grass available. ST-26 has an outstanding ability to maintain its colour even through the coldest of winters, not turning purple or brown like Australian varieties.

ST-85 Buffalo

ST-85 Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf is the proven pioneer of soft leaf buffalo’s, and has gained an excellent reputation with over ten years of production in Australia. ST-85 has an abundance of lush green semi dwarf leaves on a patchwork of fine runners creating a soft dense carpet. A good all rounder with distinguished appearance, yet durable. ST-85 is a less invasive lawn compared to other varieties.

ST-91 Buffalo

ST-91 turf, also known as “The Princess Of Soft Leaf Buffalo”, bares an elegant dwarf leaf with a soft velvet appearance. It maintains a true royal green colour, even through the coldest of winters. ST-91’s extreme prostrate growth and densely woven runners form an exquisite growing carpet, that will transform your garden and make your neighbours envious.

Winter Green Couch

Winter Green Couch turf is a fine-leafed lawn, similar to Greenlees Park, with the main difference being Winter Green handles frost a little better. This turf is most suited to sunny areas and can also handle a position with 10% to 20% shade. Winter Green Couch can tolerate wear and tear well and is also quite disease resistant. Winter Green Couch is a very deep green colour.

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